A Busman’s Holiday

In my day job(s), I spend lots of time thinking about fashion, design, culture, and feminism.  So why would I also want to write about those things here?  Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment (I am a grad student, after all), or maybe it’s just that sometimes the best audience for my rants and rambles isn’t really my poor beleagured co-workers. They do need some free time to get their work done, you know.

So, in the spirit of my literary heroines (both real and fictional), I’ve decided to write it out.  And since we’re in the twenty-first century, where better to do it than the Internet?* 

So what will you find here?

Your guess is as good as mine.


*Although, I suppose to be totally on-trend I should have started a tumblr or made some vine videos.  But I like to save tumblr for kitten memes and pictures of adorable British actors, and my need for some degree of anonymity, plus my dislike of my recorded speaking voice, means no video for now. 


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