Bangled, tangled, spangled, and spaghettied!

As a quick followup to my last post, here are a few more articles about men, hair, and fashion that have given me pause to think about gender, presentation, and the fashion industry.

First up, a fashion spread from the June 2012 issue of F.O.D., an Israeli  fashion and lifestyle magazine aimed at gay men in Tel Aviv.

Image(This image links to a post on the pictures at Pout Perfection, since I couldn’t find them elsewhere on the web) Continue reading


Happy Anniversary?

The Battle of Bosworth Field was fought 528 years ago today.  Although it would eventually lead to the Tudor monarchy, the creation of the Church of England, the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the English Civil War, and the Glorious Revolution, I prefer to think of it as the day when those brutish Tudor thugs overcame the beleaguered Richard III, who was many things but probably not a nephew-murderer (and probably not a wife- or brother-murderer either), became the last English monarch to die in battle.  It was also the first step in an unfortunate series of events that would lead to his grave getting paved over for a car park.  Now the cities of York and Leicester are fighting over who gets the remains, and bored historians are debating over whether or not this actually changes anything.  (Spoiler!  Some say yes, others say no, everybody gets kind of worked up about it.  You know, academia as usual.)

Poor guy!  He was framed!  By the Tudors!

Richard III (1452-85)
unknown artist, early 16th century
Society of Antiquaries of London

It’s okay Richard.  I’ve been on your side all along.

Other people devoted to the Ricardian cause:  The Richard III Society

The only novels historical sources I need:

Daughter of Time, by Josephine Tey

The Murders of Richard III, by Elizabeth Peters

Hey, it’s not my period or my subject, I feel free to let fiction guide me here. 😀

Oh Julia!

After that last post, I’m in need of something lighter, something funny, something…


I think Julia Child is amazing, and I’m so sad that I never got a chance to tell her so.  Her life story is the stuff movies are made of (and in fact the parts about her life were by far the best part of Julie & Julia).  Her cookbooks are fun to read — and also pretty useful, once you get used to her style.  And boy, did she have presence!

Last year was the 100th anniversary of her birth (today’s her birthday btw), and so PBS made this delightful video to celebrate.  (via Shakesville)

In defense of a fellow Harriet, or, Russell Simmons, what is wrong with you?

She’s not amused, and neither am I. (Picture from the Library of Congress).

Even though Harriet is not my real name, I feel a certain fondness for Harriets, both fictional (Vane, the Spy) and real (Waters, Beecher Stowe, Nelson) — and of course, Harriet Tubman.

But even if we didn’t share a chosen name (did you know that Tubman’s owners named her Araminta?  She chose to go by Harriet at around the same time she began planning her escape from slavery)*, I’d still be writing about Harriet Tubman today.

Sadly, it isn’t because of her amazing life story, or the effects of her courageous work with the Underground Railroad.

No, I’m writing about Harriet Tubman because Russell Simmons thought it would be funny to create a “Drunk History”-like** video*** in which Tubman uses a sex tape to blackmail her owner. Continue reading

A Busman’s Holiday

In my day job(s), I spend lots of time thinking about fashion, design, culture, and feminism.  So why would I also want to write about those things here?  Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment (I am a grad student, after all), or maybe it’s just that sometimes the best audience for my rants and rambles isn’t really my poor beleagured co-workers. They do need some free time to get their work done, you know.

So, in the spirit of my literary heroines (both real and fictional), I’ve decided to write it out.  And since we’re in the twenty-first century, where better to do it than the Internet?* 

So what will you find here?

Your guess is as good as mine.


*Although, I suppose to be totally on-trend I should have started a tumblr or made some vine videos.  But I like to save tumblr for kitten memes and pictures of adorable British actors, and my need for some degree of anonymity, plus my dislike of my recorded speaking voice, means no video for now.